Swimming Pool FAQ

Q: How do you measure wall height of an above ground pool when
 replacing a liner?
A: If you are measuring for a beaded liner you will measure from
the bead receiver to the bottom of the wall. If you are measuring
for a J hook liner you will need to remove the top rail and measure
from the top of the steel wall to the bottom of the wall.
You will not need to measure the pool wall for overlap liners because
the overlap liner will accommodate either 48 or 52 inch wall.

Q. What is a fair time to expect a pool or liner installer to warranty the workmanship?

A. We at Piece Of The Beach have found that any problem with the installation will show
up within the swimming season. We gladly go back free of charge if there is any issue with
the install that may arise before the pool is closed for the seaon. Once in a while minor issues
show up quickly like a leak in the filter and something needs tightening or a liner comes out
of the liner lock because the weather was a bit cold and the liner contracted.For over twenty years this has
been plenty of time for any install issues to show up. The danger to an  Installer if they extend a
warranty of workmanship into the winter  is if people close their pools improperly, don't  winterize
it or do not maintain it in the winter by checking snow accumulation and keeping heavy snow off
above ground pools.  

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