Above Ground Pool Closing Tips
Winterize Above Ground Pool For Proper Closing

Collect or purchase all your winterizing supplies for your above ground 

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pool closing. The cover, the water bags or air pillows, the plugs for the 
skimmers ( gizzmos or rubber plugs ), the winter plate(if used) and your 
winterizing chemicals are just about all you will need for supplies for 
an above ground pool closing . You need these items to properly close and 
winterize your above ground pool. 
Do an extra good job backwashing the filter to clean it out. Drain DE 
filter tanks and leave backwash valve open.  If you have sand filters, 
unplug the filter drain plug and leave it off. For best practices put 
drain plug with other removed items in the pump basket. Make sure if you have
a multiport valve that there is no water in it. Blow it out with a 
compressor or shop vac if necessary.   It is not good to use muriatic acid on a DE 
filter and then just rinse it off and put it away.  The acid may degrade 
the filter parts over the winter. Wait until spring when you open your pool
instead of doing this when you close your pool.
Important Step When Closing and Winterizing an Above Ground Pool
Plug return pipes and skimmer and remove all hoses to close an above 
ground pool. Disconnect your pump and filter.Very important is to make sure that pump 
is totally drained out of any water. We suggest to then remove any drain 
plugs from the pump.  It is a good idea to store any small plugs or parts 
in the pump basket. When closing an above ground pool keep your routine 
the same and you will be able to find where everything is. 
Some people like to remove the skimmer box and install a winter plate 
with gaskets.  If you do this, make sure it does not leak. Most people 
simply plug the skimmer hole with a black rubber plug or a gizzmo.
How Low Should Water Go To Close My Pool?
You can let the water in the pool go down to the bottom of the skimmer if you 
like - then you do not have to plug the hole at all. 
The pool cover will sit lower in the pool - therefore you might want to 
use a cover that is a few sizes bigger than your pool.
Pillow Talk For Closing An Above Ground Pool
Blow up and install your air pillow. They are a good idea in case the 
water in the pool freezes, expands, and breaks the pool wall. The pillow 
takes up the slack.  Put them into the pool to take up ice expansion. Tie 
air pillow at two places and position in the center of pool. Tie them to 
the pool wall so the pillow does not move during cover installation. If 
the pillow is leaking, either patch it or get a new one. Remember...the 
pillow is there to take up any expansion of the water which may occur due 
to freezing and possibly causing the above ground pool wall to split.  
Pillows are NOT to keep the rain water out of the pool cover.  They will 
not do that.The rain water will always settle around the outside of the 
Chemicals are Needed to Winterize And Close Above Ground Pool
Add chemicals. Mix any granular winterizing chemicals in a bucket so that 
they are dissolved. Put mixture into the pool. You don't want any 
undissolved granules to settle on the pool floor and possibly staining 
the liner. Important point her! If you are using any liquid winterizing 
chemicals, pour them in the pool as well.  Test the pool for pH and Total 
Alkalinity.  Adjust to normal levels using pH PLUS or MINUS and 
ALKALINITY PLUS.  pH should be between 7.2 - 7.6 and Alkalinity between 
100-150 ppm.  Make sure one of your winterizing chemicals consists of a 
SHOCK-type product.  You want the chlorine level in the pool to be rather 
high (over 3.0 for wintertime). 
Place the winter cover on pool and secure. Make sure that cover cable 
wire is tight so that cover does not blow off or fall in pool. Make sure 
the pillow is still in the middle of the pool after cover installation. 

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