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New Bottom Guard Geotextile Pool Pad

Makes old foam floor padding a thing of the past!

Bottom Guard Pool Liner Padding is a geotextile. Bottom Guard is super tough, but also adds a layer of soft cushioning that will help to stop future growth of nut grass from cutting into your liner, eliminate foot prints, divots and clay balls which feel like rocks but are hardened pieces of the masonry pool sand from forming after pool liner installation. It makes a smooth uniform pool bottom. Helps prevent the cost of pool owners needing to empty the pool if these issues arise. The Bottom Pad is cut to size and seamed for your pool. Installation should be done by experienced pool professional for smooth fit. Virtually eliminate vinyl liner bottom leaks from underneath your liner with the Pad. Replacement Pool Owners MUST remove stones around prior pool or stones will very likely end up under the liner! Important, if you choose not to install a bottom pad and any of the above takes place, Piece Of The Beach is not responsible. We highly recommend the bottom pad.

The Bottom Guard is recommended to be installed with the Foam Pool Cove. Pool Cove Foam pieces replace sand cove built by installer BUT children tend to lean against the pool wall thus standing on sand cove. This can cause breakdown of the cove. See chart at the bottom for number of coves you need and pricing.


Pool Bottom GuardPool Bottom Pad

15 Ft Round   $180                     18 Ft Round $200            15 X 33 Ft Oval $275             

21 Ft Round   $225                     24 Ft Round $250            15 X 24 or 25 Oval $250           

27 Ft round    $270                      30 Ft Round $290            18 X 33 Ft Oval $295                  

18 X 33 Ft Oval $295   33 Ft Round $310 15 X 30 Ft Oval $275    


 Pool Fpam CovesConsider Foam Coves below recommended to go with the Bottom Guard.


Pool Foam Coves Multiply your number of coves times $6.50 and that is what upgrading to Foam Pool Cove instead of the standard sand cove that is included in regular installation price. Example: 15 x 30 ft oval pool needs 19 x $6.50 = $123.50  {goes along edge inside pool under liner for less stress on liner seam


     POOL WALL FOAM                       Pool Wall Foam

Many above-ground pool customers have begun discovering what in-ground pool customers have always known – how the value of wall foam increases their enjoyment and peace of mind while relaxing in their pools                                         

Wall foam is a 1/8” sheet of foam (illustrated above) placed directly on the wall with a spray adhesive.  The sand cove and the liner are thus separated from the wall, which results in the following:

  • Greatly reduces corrosion (extending the life of the pool)
  • Cushions the liner from wall bolts needed to secure the rolled wall type pool. Duct tape is what the manufactures instructions use to cover the bolts in installation. Many people still feel wall foam is a much better cushion to protect the liner (reducing wear and tear – minimizing the likelihood of the liner puncturing and protecting against bolts)
  • insulation (the liner helps prevent heat from escaping through the metal wall of the pool during the evening)


Prices for wall foam are dependent on the size of the pool. Installation of wall foam is optional – if you are interested, please contact our office several days in advance of your installation date.

Most people are asking for them all!

Products are paid ahead of time so we can order your pool size !

Swimming Pool




12 Ft Round - $125

15 Ft Round - $150

18 Ft Round - $195

21 Ft Round - $225

24 Ft Round - $250

27 Ft Round - $275

30 Ft Round - $295

33 Ft Round - $345

10X14 - $175

12X24 - $225

15x24 - $250

15X25 - $250

15X30 - $275

18X33 - $325

21x41 - $375


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