Pool Heater Purchases And What You Need To Know
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Natural Gas or Liquid Propane? What Is Best For Your Pool Heater To Run On?

When choosing your pool heater you willl need to decide between  liquid propane and a natural gas model. The type of fuel you decide to use will be influenced by availability and price of fuels in your county. The price of the model you choose should not be affected by the fuel type you decide to use.


Low NOx Vs. Normal Emissions Pool Heaters

A "Low NOx" pool heater  releases less emissions than other pool heaters.  Low NOx pool heaters are generally  more efficient than traditional pool heaters. This higher efficiency means a higher heat transfer and faster heating of your swimming pool water is the result . Low NOx pool heaters retail for approximately $225 - $325 above traditional style pool heaters.


Millivolt and Electronic Start Pool Heater Differences.

A millivolt swimming pool heater uses a standing pilot light that must constantly stay lit to start the pool heating process. An electronic start pool heater does not need a pilot light because it electronically initiates the heating process. The disadvantage of the millivolt model is that you may find yourself having to re-light the pilot light. Re-lighting the pilot  needs to be performed VERY CAREFULLY so as to avoid injury. You can expect electronic start pool heaters to retail for about $150 more than millivolt models.