Types Of Above Ground Pool Liners
How To Choose The Correct Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner

Definitions for  Above Ground Pool Liners

There are many types of above ground swimming pool liners to choose from.
It is important to know what the differences are between the poll liner types .

Overlap Pool Liners

Overlap Pool Liners hang over the side of the above ground pool wall.
The Liner is made with excess material so it can fit on the common 48"
or 52" walls.The overlap above ground pool liner is secured with Pool
Coping Strips thus holding the liner in place.
Any excess material is to be discarded.

Beaded Pool Liner 

The difference between a "beaded" style liner, and an "overlap" style liner is the way the liner is held in place inside the swimming pool. Beaded above ground pool liners have a very small groove or lip at the top edge of the liner. This small lip is snapped into a track all the way around the inside of the swimming pool at the very top of the pool wall, to hold the pool liner in place. Beaded Above Ground Pool Liners snap into a bead channel or receiver.The liner is matched to the pool wall height of either 48" or 52". 
If your swimming pool requires a beaded pool liner, you will be able to see this track by looking under the top rail on the inside of the above ground swimming pool.


Uni-Beaded Pool Liners or J-Hook Liners

Uni-bead Above Ground Pool liners are made for the size of your above
ground pool. A 48" wall pool must have a 48" liner. A 52" wall pool must have a 52" liner. The Uni-Bead liner is fitted into a bead receiver track or can be hung like an overlap liner.

Expandable Pool Liners

Expandable above ground pool liners are the liners that are used for
the deeper above ground pool such as Doughboy. The liners will fit
a pool that is up to 72" deep. 

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  • Installing a replacement pool liner yourself can be much more complicated than it might seem. If not done correctly during installation, or if not installed properly, your expensive new pool liner might tear or leak slowly or quickly. If you have never  helped with the liner installation, you should pay a professional to install your new liner this time. Pay close attention and you will be ready for the next time to possibly attempt it!


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