Tips For Hiring The Right Liner Installation Service

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 Hi, I am writing from 20 years experience in the pool liner installation business. You ave to be in the know to make sure whoever you hire knows what they are doing. In this report you will be warned of many things to think about and be aware of. Highlight those things you want to remember to confirm the installer has with them for a thorough job on the day of installation. Be careful if you purchase an inground liner online. You are taking on a lot of liability to measure correctly. If you are wrong you will be out of luck. Most pool liner installation services won’t install a liner you did not purchase from them for fear of the responsibility transferred to them if there is a hole in it or that you measured incorrectly wasting their time. Most pool liner installation companies will send someone out to measure the pool for a nice snug fitting liner. If you Google “Pool Liner Installation” and add your city and state to the search term you will have much better results finding a company that sells the liner and installs it. If you live in Massachusetts call us at 508-842-0024


- Once you have located the pool liner installers nearest to you, contact them to ask their rates. Compare and contrast the rates and any of the following criteria suggested in this Free Pool Liner Installation Service Guide and shortlist a few that best suit your interests.

-Do ask if they carry Workman’s Comp. Insurance and General Liability. Don’t stop there. Let them know you will need the Insurance Company Name and Policy Number as well as their insurance agency’s name if you hire them. If you get attitude then there are either no active policies or the office is not willing to keep you happy. The agent will be able to tell you if the policies are still active. The reasoning behind this is that if a business can’t pay their insurance then it reveals poor business practices. This slackness will most likely show in the work they do.

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