Winterizing or Closing Inground Pool
Secrets To Hiring The Right Pool Closing Service


Winterizing An Inground Pool 
For closing or winterizing your swimming pool make sure your closing Pool Service Company follows these suggestions.
We request you  have the following closing supplies when winterizing your pool. The cover, the water tubes, the plugs for the skimmers (gizzmos), return jets and winterizing chemicals are needed.  A professional will have an air compressor or a powerful shop vac when closing and winterizing your swimming pool. We need this equipment for trouble free winterization.
The green Gizzmos that we'd use to plug your skimmers will crack eventually so make sure that they are not cracked before we arrive. Gizzmos with holes or cracks will not work to safely close your pool 
We backwash the filter very well to clean it out for safe winterizing of a swimming pool. Drain DE filter tanks and leave the backwash valve open. If you have a sand filter,we unplug the filter drain plug and leave it off. We will put the drain plug with other removed items in the pump basket.
The multiport valve should not have water in it for closing the pool properly. We blow it out with a compressor or shop vac if there is water in it! Be sure who ever closes your pool knows these things!
It is not recommended to "acid wash" DE filters when winterizing the pool.This is best to do in the Spring so that you can immediately run pool water through the system.It is not good to use muriatic acid on a DE filter and then just rinse it off and put it away.The acid may eat away at the filter parts over the winter. 
We disconnect your pump and filter when closing the swimming pool .We make sure that pump is totally drained out of any water. We remove any drain plugs from the pump. We store any small plugs or parts in the pump basket.  This way we will be able to find them easily in the Spring when opening your pool. 

Important To Drain Sitting Water When Winterizing Pool

If there is a heater, we drain it and make sure there is no sitting water inside. We blow it out with a compressor or shop vac. We drain heater totally and remove all drain plugs (if any). We put drain plugs in the pump basket for safe keeping.  We do not recommend to remove the heater tray when closing a swimming pool. You can remove it if you want, but you may have trouble putting it back in the Spring.  It is not needed on most units. 
We unscrew and loosen any quick disconnect fittings or unions at your pump and filter system.  The goal is to make sure the water is all drained out of your pipes and fittings so it cannot freeze and expand and crack.This is key in tips to winterize a pool.
We remove all return jet fittings. If a fitting cracks while removing it,we are not responsible. It is dried out from chemicals and you will need to replace it. You can get a replacement come Spring.We remove all skimmer baskets. We put fittings and any other items that we remove in one of the skimmer baskets or the pump basket to avoid loss. 
Blow Out The return Jets To Winterize Your Pool
We blow out all return jet pipes using an air compressor or shop vac. We hook up air compressor or shop vac to the return lines at the filter system - or - some  pool services prefer to screw the compressor fitting into the drain plug of the pump.  This will give a good seal and allow the pool service crew to blow out the entire system from that one spot. We keep the air blowing until the air bubbles start to become visible from the return jets in the pool. We put a plug in the fitting under the water when we see the bubbles blowing at full force. This will mean that 99% of the water is out of the pipe. We make sure the plug is in tight when closing a pool. This is very important. 
We Blow out all skimmer (suction side) pipes.We put a Gizzmo-type screw in plug in the skimmer when bubbles start to become visible.We put PTFE tape on the gizzmo threads before installing. Also, if you have a slide, an auto vac system or a waterfall, this will have to be drained and we need to blow out those pipes as well. 
Blow Out the Main Drain Line When Winterizing Pool
We blow out main drain line. When we see bubbles coming out of the drain, we plug the pipe on our end or close the gate valve. This is as much protection as you can give to a main drain line.  By doing this we will cause an "air lock" in the line and this should avoid water entering the pipe from the pool side. Frozen water is what you want to avoid for to winterize  and close your pool up . 
We put duct tape on all exposed pipes to prevent anything from getting into them.
Let us know if you want your pump and filter in the shed or garage. We will not move your filter. It is too heavy.
We mix any granular winterizing chemicals in a bucket so that they are totally dissolved. Dump mixture into the pool. We want to avoid any undissolved granules from settling on the pool floor and staining the liner.If you are using any liquid winterizing chemicals, we pour those into the pool.
The use of gizzmos prevents the skimmers from cracking. It plugs the pipes so the water level can remain high for the cover so that rain water does not cause a lake on top of the pool cover - possibly causing it to fall in. Drain the water down in a pool below the skimmer to winterize the pool. 
We place the cover on the pool to finish closing your pool. Depending on the type of cover it is, it is important to check on your cover after a heavy snow fall.
 Finally To Finish Winterizing Your Swimming Pool
If there are rips or tears in the cover that are repairable, patch them with either vinyl pool patch (for vinyl covers) or with pool cover patch tape ( for lightweight covers) or with a heavy duty duct-type tape.If there are sharp points that extend into the pool, like step units or "ELS", then please supply rags or cardboard for between the cover and the points on the pool which extend out.  Do this right or the cover may rip on those stress points. Closing a pool properly is especially important here in New England. Use a professional if you are unsure that you can do a proper job winterizing your swimming pool.
We winterze and close pools in the following towns in Worcester County: